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heaviest amounts of snow will be falling tonight and into tomorrow morning. they are expecting scattered power outages as well. residents transportation experts and emergency crews in areas like snoeshg and new jersey and much of new england. they are prepared for the biggest storm of the year. cleanup crews are also preparing. leaders are urging folks to stock up on food water batteries
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and top off their gas. >> the police on the streets of our city notified the public to tell people about the emergency of the city of washington as we go forward. also want to remind everyone to use common sense stay off the streets of our city. basically stay home. salt is on stand by the transportation authority is prepared to use super powered snow blowers jet power to keep thungs running smoothly. andrew cuomo is operating the emergency response center. ladies, back to you. >> anna kooiman thank you very much. we will check back with you in
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just a little bit. it is called nemo we will go to janice dream. i think of the fish nemo. >> fox news is not calling it nemo they are calling it a blockbuster nor' easter. that is a record breaker for boston: let's look at the radar. two storms merge together and could bring us the blockbuster storm. we have snoiw across the great lakes. a lot of moisture and combined this is going to give us our big, big storm that could bring record snow total potentially. around 10:00 a.m. we will see a mixture. this could keep the snow totals
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down in new york city. north and west we are dealing with mainly snow and a lot of it and heavy wet snow. people are urged and really take care if you can't get out there and shovel if you have health problems this isn't light fluffy stuff this is back breaking snowfall. further up in time 6:00 p.m. on friday mainly a snow event. new york start to go see snowflakes fly and it will continue. in some cases we will see snow for 12, 13, 14 hours. we could see hurricane force gusts 30 to 40 mile per hour stain sustained winds that could cause power outages on the roadways and downed trees. the bullseye is rhode island and boston and maine. we could be dealing with 3 feet. we think this could be a
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blockbuster storm for boston it could shatter all snow total records. >> you can tell the tone in janice's voice take it seriously. >> seriously. folks in boston need to stay home today. a massive manhunt still underway for a former police officer turned suspected murderer. >> we are talking thousands of officers on alert today. the entire southern callal area is -- california area is on edge as they search for this man. what happened overnight? >> authorities say he's targeting law enforcement officials across the region and they know how he thinks or operates. they are trying to find chris sofr doerner accused of killing two people a police officer and others. the person responsible for that is still on the street and
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we don't know what he's capable of doing and we need to find him. >> his burned out truck was found in the mountain community of big bear. tracks were in the snow but they were unable to find him. officers are going door to door trying to find him. they are searching in nevada, arizona and new mexico. the crime spree retaliation from the firing from the lapd. he was let go for making false statements. warning of violence in his chilling on-line manifesto. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical to those in the lapd uniform on or off duty. unfortunately i will not be alive to see my name cleared. that's what this is about my name. a man is nothing without his name. victims include monica quan and her fiancee whe is a captain tht
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leapted doerner at his official. someone spotted a person that looked like dorner. the former reservist checked in but did not formally check out. thanks so much. no shortage of fireworks on capitol hill. john brennan is face age lot of heat over the administration's controversial drone program. peter doocy is covering this for us. we are watching it live. >> good morning heather when you think of the cia you think of size gathering intelligence in secret and quiet places. the confirmation hearing for the potential next cia director was very loud at times, 5 times to be precise. that's how nanny interruptions protestors for the group made before diane fine stein had enough and cleared the hearing room during some calmer moments we heard john brennan explain his fiphilosophy which included defense of the obama
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administration's drone program. >> i never believed in a terrorist event to detain him. we want to detain as much as possible to get information from them to prevent further terrorist attacks. >> the agency started using enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding. yesterday he changed his tune a little bit. >> i have expressed my personal objections and views about certain of those eit's such as waterboarding nudity and others where i professed my personal objections to it but i did not try to stop it because it was something that was being done in a different part of the agency under the authority of others. >> some senators yesterday noted
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concern about the lack of transparency surrounding the drone program. other democrats like the chair diane fine stein supported him more thoroughly. fine stein says he will make a fine leader for the cia. >> it is time for your 5@5:00. >> some of the other stories making news for you at this hour. defense secretary leon panetta coming under fire at a senate hearing on the benghazi attack. >> if families asked me would it be fair to say that you were in charge? >> it's not that simple as you know. i think the people that were in charge were the people on the ground. >> pardon me? >> was secretary clinton in charge? >> people that were in charge were the ambassador there. (talking over one another)
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>> they were trying to save their lives. they weren't in charge. >> panetta also suspended the slow response saying there wasn't enough time or warning to try and prevent the murder of four americans. >> catholic bishop rejecting the latest plans to alter the contraception mandate. it doesn't offer enough religious attention. we have been assured by the administration we will not have to refer, pay for, negotiate for the mandate in coverage. we remain eager for the administration to fulfill that pledge. many business owners have objected to the mandate saying it forces them to violate their religious beliefs or pay hefty fines. >> more legal trouble for lance armstrong a dallas based company is suing the disgraced cyclist for the more than 12 million he was given for winning the tour
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defrance. when doping allegations first surfaced armstrong won a legal battle when he lied under oath saying he never doped. armstrong's attorney says the ruling was final and the case cannot be reopened. there's a new twist this morning in the search for a british girl who went missing nearly 6 years ago. police in new zealand are waiting on dna tests to prove a girl is not little madeleine mccann. she was spotted on new year's eve and also reportedly has the same rare defect of the iris on the eye. she vanished while vacationing with her family in portugal in 2007. hope the family gets answers. >> the come met of the century. have you heard about this? scientists say it will swing through our solar system later this year. these pictures were taken by nasa from a distance 493 million miles.
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experts anticipate come met isun will put a spectacular show sometime in late november. it is now 11 minutes after the hour. coming up one of the nation's largest banks is now warning you to have lots of carbon hand ahead of the winter storm. how about that. we will tell you what you need to know. that's next. >> don't pay your student loans get food. that's what three colleges are doing. is this the best way to solve the problem? stores you can bank on straight ahead. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade.
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>> welcome back. it is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. time for quick headlines. she praise the benefits of healthcare reform but interior secretary nominee rei ceo jewel
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received an obama favor for her company's healthcare coverage. she says the waiver let part-time and seasonal employees remain covered but it will expire next year. toys r' us slapped with a $260 million lawsuit after a 16 month old boy lost his eye in a freak accident while playing with this a gray coco toy strol. they already settled with the parents. toys r' us are not commenting. now time for the stories you can bank on this morning. including listen to this, a warning from one of the nation's largest blakesanks ahead of the at the storm. really a warning to take money out? >> a warning about a storm from a bank that's not something you would automatically think about. the message for this is charge your phone your lap cops and hit the bank. that could be the best prep for
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nemo. warning of getting ready digitally. this is what bank of america tweeted. prepare now so you ride out winter storm nemo. make a trip to the atm for cash fill up the gas tank and covers charge your cell phones. some parts pray for snow when it leaves for friday heading to the weekend less traffic on the road. that would r be a good sign. >> normally banks don't want run on the banks. talk about this. schools are pay student loans. >> this one is interesting. if you don't pay your winter tlooens not just by the government court records show yale university of pennsylvania and george washington university have all sued former students over nonpayment of the loans.
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they are part of a revolving fund. the repayment helps other financially struggling students go to school. there's a record heidi fault rate here and that could actually jeopardize the prospects of students right now depending on the aid. >> lauren simonetti thank you so much. it is 18 minutes after the hour coming up next listen up baby boomers we will tell you why your health should be worse than your parents. we will explain that coming up. >> plus looking for a spring escape especially with the snow on the way we will tell you when is the best time to buy a plane ticket. as we go to break let's look at the gas prices. national average is 3.57 that's up from yesterday.
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>> good morning to you. it is 22 minutes after the hour. baby boomers health is worse than their parents. 13 percent are in excellent health compared to 32 percent of people in the same age of an earlier generation. more are obese and suffer from diabetes. researchers blame a lack of exercise. cheap says the best time to buy is 7 weeks before you takeoff. it is more expensive to book months in advance. international flights 12-14
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weeks early. >> rallying members of the democratic baert with a bold prediction. >> as a by product of doing the good works i suspect nancy pelosi will be speaker again. >> it includes new gun registration immigration reform and higher taxes for some americans. as the gun control debate heats up one texas school district is making sure it's teachers are armed with knowledge to protect their students. the former swat team member teaches a class called intruderolgy. he says your best bet is to run get out of the building anyway you can. and if that is not possible blockade yourself in a room or apartment. fighting should be your last resort.
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>> don't get me wrong he has the gun you don't. you have mitigated his ability to come in. the biggest mistake most people make is trying to hide under a table or desk. that just makes you a target with no protection. >> goadvic good advice. >> we are brewing on this. every friday we are going to recap the week's top viral videos to see which ones you like best. >> first up probably haven't forgotten this first time train rider. this was her wish for her third birthday. we love that one. >> next there's a grocery store worker who didn't get enough height to get over this it caused nearbies to fall down. >> this guy gets stuck making a 3 point turn tieing up traffic for blocks and blocks. >> i like this segment. tell us which one of these viral videos is your favorite.
2:26 am
tweet them to us at fox friends first shoot an emai you can vote for your latest video at back/fox friends first. coming up later lawmakers in one state want to hold gun manufacturers responsible for crimes that other people commit. is that fair? >> then coming up this adorable boy says he didn't eat the sprinkles. do you believe him? they are all over his face. >> the first crash he stars in a hollywood walk of fame.
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>> welcome back. it is now half past the hour. the northeast and new england are breaking for a blizzard. nearly 3,000 flights have already been canceled because of the storm's expected fury. new york city could see a foot of snow while parts of massachusetts may get two feet. >> if not more. last minute preparations are underway across the northeast. anna kooiman is live for us in new york with the latest.
2:31 am
hey there, anna. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. the weather forecasters are expecting the strongest winds and heaviest amounts of snow to be piling up tonight and into tomorrow morning along with near white out driving conditions downed tree limbs are expected to cause downed power outages as well. transportation officials and emergency workers in new york through much of new england are preparing for what could be the biggest storms of this year. they will stop all trains between new york and boston this afternoon. travelers and airports should plan on delays and cancellations. leaders are urging folks to stock up on food water and batteries as well as top off their gas tanks. >> they figured it's the smart thing to do. >> they have another vehicle to get gas up go home cuddle in and get to know each other again. >> flooding a concern along the coastline especially in areas still cleaning up for super
2:32 am
storm sandy. they will leave portions of new york and new jersey vulnerable to hire ways. in new york city more than 250,000 tons of salt on stand by at this hour they are preparing to use jet powered snow blowers and deicing ce -- de-icing cars. cuomo is setting up an emergency operation center in an effort to coordinate the storm relief efforts. back to you. for more on the storm's path we go to janice dean. how are things looking now for the storm predictions? >> in new york we are cutting back on the snow totals because we think it will be mainly more of a raiven vent. once it get cranked up overnight tonight the storm will start to fly. we are within the realm of possibility of 6-12 inches in new york. boston up towards maine this
2:33 am
could be a record breaker. this could be the one you are talking about with your grand kids going, i remember when back in 20013. the last time we got over 2 feet of snow was ten years ago. we could top this. it is very possible we could be dealing with over 3 feet of snow in some cases and it's all because we have two systems working together. a system across the north and one that originated across the gulf coast. bring a lot of moisture here and the storm is really going to kind of get cranked up overnight tonight an ind into tomorrow. you will see the effect through the drive in this morning. folks across new england coastal new england it's best to stay home today. i will write you a note, okay? here is one of the computer models predicting in terms of storm totals. half a foot right now in terms of the storm track and how much cold air gets wrapped around the system. boston if we hit 30 inch it is will be the all time record for the most snow they have seen in boston.
2:34 am
locally around the new york city area if you live in new jersey we are going to cut back your snow totals it will mainly be a rain, wintery mixed event. wind gust that's going to be problematic as we head into the overnight. we could be talking about wind gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour for a prolonged period of time. eastern long island where you see the dark blues here 50 miles plus. all along the coast. this could last for hours into the overnight. certainly power outages are going to be problematic and the winds are going to continue to howl for hours and hours especially along coastal new england. a storm tied. we could see storm tides of 13 feet and offshore seas of 25-30 feet. this is impressive on all sorts of levels. we will keep you postled. we are going to be working 24/7 in the fox news extreme weather center. >> we will be battening down the hatches today. thank you, janice. now for a fox news alert
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10,000 police officers scouring several states for a former police officer turned suspected murderer. the entire southern california area is living in fear. authorities say he's targeting law enforcement officials there and he knows exactly how they think and operate. police pulling out all of the stops to find christopher dorner accused of killing three people including a police officer and killing two more. considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> the person responsible for that is still on the streets and we don't know what he is going to do. we know what he's capable of doing and we need to find him. >> you see that right there? that is doerner's burned out truck. it was found in the mountain community of big bear california. tracks were found in the no but authorities were not able to find the suspected murderer. >> the sefrp on the air and ground now involves officers going door to door to find him. they are searching in nevada,
2:36 am
arizona and mexico. >> the crime spree retaliation for his termination from the lap d-back in 2008. evidences let go for making false statements. he is warning of violence in a chilling on-line manifesto. >> he wrote this i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in l.a. pd uniform whether on or off duty. he went on to say unfortunatelily not be alive to see my name cleared. that's what this is about my name. a man is nothing without his name. >> the victims include monica quan and her fiancee. quan's father is a former lapd captain who represented dorner at the hearing that led to his dismissal. >> a base is locked down after someone spotted someone there who looked like dorner. the former reservist checked in but did not formally check out. >> hope they find him. >> when president obama delivers the state of the union on
2:37 am
tuesday he will have gloomy americans. twice as many voters think the economy is weaker and most think the worst is yet to come. doug luzader is live with more results on an exclusive fox news poll. >> good morning guys. the president faces a pretty complicated issue. you take the issue like the war on terror the approval number there pretty good 59 percent. then you move into domestic issues and that's where the situation changes especially when you talk about the national debt. the approval on that issue 33 percent. the president prepareings for the next state of the union address he is no doubt aware of the many challenges he faces let's start with his over all approval number. it improved a bit but still below the 30 percent threshold among registered voters. 49 percent almost as many disapprove. good nuts for the white house.
2:38 am
congress holds at 77 percent approval rating. that's an argument they want to have before the court of public opinion that is an argument i am more than willing to engage in. >> he will have to spread care -- tread carefully. 40 percent are in for a tax hike this year. >> american people will not accept another tax increase to put off a spending cut that the two parties have already agreed to. >> the president's assertion they do not have a spending problem 82 percent of voters disagree with that. for all of the gloomyness you may feel can the american dream still be achieved? 65 percent say yes.
2:39 am
back to you guys. >> doug luzader reporting live for us. big numbers there. >> it is time for your 5@5:30. those are the top stories making news at this hour. >> the family of the hero doctor who helped us nab osama bin laden is now losing hope as he continues blocks away inside a pakistani prison. he wants to know what america plans to do to help free him. other family members want to stop the fight they fear retaliation. he has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. visitors haven't been able to see him since september. punish gun manufacturers for crimes committed with the weapons they make. that is the proposed plan from colorado democrats. the assault weapons responsibility act was proposed earlier this week. democrats want to make manufacturers sellers and owners responsible for all crimes involving their guns. republicans say that that would all but ban assault weapons in the state. >> everyone in the chain will be
2:40 am
responsible for the actions of that gun. >> retailers will be afraid to sell these weapons because they won't be able to purchase an insurance policy to cover their strict liabilities. >> here's the thing. the move conflicts with federal law but colorado democrats reportedly want to get it repealed. we talked to you about the much long python challenge going on in the florida everglades. things didn't work out too well for two would be snake hunters. two men who traveled there ended up having to be rescued from the swamp. they suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration. 1500 people participating in the unusual hunt to rid the state of the massive snakes. they are threatening a lot. >> in another news a miami judge has approved a settlement to let three people be listed on a birth certificate. the birth certificate is for 23 months old girl and will have the names of a married lesbian
2:41 am
couple and a gay man who donated his sperm to the biological mother. the settlement comes after a two-year dispute. talk about being caught red handed here. one little boy tells his mom he didn't sneak any snacks but the evidence is all over his face. >> you didn't eat anything? >> yeah. >> lack at mommy. >> anything. >> you didn't have any snacks? >> nope. >> okay. >> 3-year-old shawn insists he didn't eat the cake's sprinkles. but the evidence against him keeps mounting and mounting. >> son can you explain to me why the sprinkles are empty? tell me did you spill sprinkles? no and no sprimgs. >> he's sticking to his story. >> eventually the boy's mom tells him he has sprinkles on his face then he admits to chowing them down. that could be my boy.
2:42 am
>> he could have just falling on him. >> actually it is 5:40. do you put off getting your oil changed like a lot of us do ignore that chicken begin light. we have the top worse things you can do to your car. >> i am notorious for that. >> this skate border's insane ride goes viral but cops not so am mused. that story next.
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>> 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. not taking care of your car could lead to bigger problems. top ten worst things you can do. it includes ignoring the chicken begin light failing to check tire pressure and not changing fuel and air filters.
2:46 am
take a look at this. this guy being hailed a legend for his skate boarding skills. you can see him weaving in and out of traffic on a busy road. this video has gone viral. they say his actions aren't good they are illegal and reckless. if they find him they will find him in court. >> if you noticed this had probably wallets are lighter these days since the tax increase hits and pinching a lot of people who need it the most. diane macedo, a lot of us have noticed this. >> the government kicked off the new year by letting a cut in the payroll tax which funds social security expire. pretty much every worker is collecting a smaller paycheck because of it. that appears to be trickling through the broader economy. sales have weakened. consumer confidence is also
2:47 am
sliding especially among lower income americans. the cut aimed at some time lating spending in 2011 was always supposed to be temporary. though it was originally pushed by the white house treasury secretary timothy geithner and nancy pelosi favored letting it expire. still economists estimate the payroll tax increase will reduce disposable income by $120 billion and cost us half a percentage point in economic growth which is already supposed to be low. payroll tax increase isn't expected to impact lives of wealthy americans like lower income brackets those may making 400,000 a year may have additional income tax to deal with as well as higher taxes on capitol gains and dividends. americans are learning the hard way if you want government services somebody has to pay for them. >> diane macedo fox news. thank you very much. coming up baltimore ravens
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running back had no problem running more than 1,000 yards during super bowl. but standing on this float gave him a run for his money. >> if your young man is anything like mine we have bad habits we can't seem to break. we have gadgets ladies that can help solve your problem. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> you have no bad habits. >> none of those involving a lid. big storm coming to the northeast. also there's a gigantic manhunt looking for a cop killer who is probably a former cop. panetta and brennan get grilled on the hill. a media backer is up for a commerce post in the administration. is that possible? plus are you cheap or thrifty like me? find out how to live the good life for less.
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>> the storm is just starting and it will continue for the next 12-24-hours. the worst of the storm coming overnight tonight. but things -- people are preparing along the east coast from new york to portland, maine. we have two storm systems working in tangent that will bring us our blockbuster possibly historic nor' easter. this is 3:00 a.m. earlier on today. mainly a rain event. as we get to 10:00 a.m. a freezing rain or wintery mix. northwest a snow ef present.
2:53 am
hartford boston portland snow for you snow for you for most of the duration of the storm. this is a very powerful storm we could see wind gusts 30-40, 50 miles per hour. new york city up toward the border of canada. we will continue to monitor it bring you the latest on the fox news extreme weather center. heather? >> let's head over to you now. lots of folks should be hibernating inside. perfect time for this segment. does your man have bad habits to drive you absolutely nuts. we have has been advice for the pet peeves and start bringing in the romance. young married is here. >> i think the best valentine's day gift to give my house is stop nagging. this is the gift that gives back. >> one person has to wake up earlier than the other person this is a way to maybe cause less stress.
2:54 am
>> you hook it into your phone and you wear the wrist band and it vibrates when you have to wake up. none of this crazy stumbling around. >> you put it on your wrist. >> great. >> hook it into your phone. >> how many times have you gone to throw something away and your significant other have taken the trash out and haven't replaced a bag. bag up has a grade product here. you pull the trash bag out and create a mess and it actually is attached and it rips off for you. >> so you never forget. >> that is easy. >> perfect. i could use this myself. >> traveling, we have the weekender bag here. how many times have you gotten somewhere you want to explore
2:55 am
and you have to unpack you spend hours doing so. not so. >> this is awesome. >> hang this up here so you no longer need to unpack your bags. >> it probably stops wrijs as well. if you have a problem with wrijs we have a product for you. take one of my -- sorry. my husband's wrinkled shirts and hang it up. again how many times has your significant other come down stairs this the morning with a shirt that looks like this. >> help on the way. >> we have the flawless wripg will remove spray. all you do is hang it on the hangar spry is with this. we won't have time to see but it takes a short period of time oochlt wrooing els are out no irn needed. >> finally>> we have 30 seconds for the next at the present. >> whou how many times has this
2:56 am
happened to you you fall in. tip alert has this great gadget here that will yell at you until you -- >> it will yell at you? >> can we demo it? >> it's playing music. it is telling you to buput it - what is it saying? >> can you hear it? no. it's not saying anything. all right. >> it's flashing you put it down and it's good. >> perfect. >> yai. put it down. >> i have to thanks lowes for carrying this up the stairs for me. >> volume valentine's day. >> real live snakes on a plane. we will tell you why this happened. it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. which one of these viral videos is your favorite? your e-mails up next. ♪
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[ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. : we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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